Fun Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy over the Christmas Holidays

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Sorry, but Christmas is WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY over now! So we're not taking any new signups to our Advent Challenge.

See you next year!

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What Kind of Activities?


Physical activities. Arts and crafts activities. Nature activities. Digital activities. Science activitie. Fun activities.

Activities which they can mostly do on their own. Such as...

  • Creating a 'laser' run to get through to a hidden code.
  • Making freaky door signs.
  • Making oven-less cookies.
  • Constructing bridges our of straws.
  • Making random small food items 'dance'.
  • Learning to walk like Spiderman.
  • and many, many more.

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One penny gets you an entire month's membership to our kids' activities site.

Think you can spare 1p a month?

Parents - Please Click Here for the small print and other stuff you might want to know.

Your children can only enter this challenge with your permission.

About the challenge

The goal is to get your kids doing as many of our 24 fun activities as possible. The activities range from arts to physical to games to astronomy and all kinds of things in between. They're aimed mainly for 7 to 12 year-olds, but we've had kids as young as 3 and as non-communicative as 18 having fun doing them.

Although we've set this up as an Advent Calendar, you can join in any time up to the 6th Jan 2014. We plan to keep the activities available to you through the holidays.

Each day from 1st to 24th December we will be adding an activity to Freaky Rivet's Advent Activities Calendar. Each activity

  • Has been designed and tested by teachers and families;
  • Needs your kids to move, create or explore;
  • Needs minimal or no extra stuff you haven't already got in the house;
  • Needs minimal or no involvement from you unless you want it;
  • Is clear, simple and FUN!

Once your child completes an activity, they'll be asked to upload photos or a video of it. For each one they do successfully, they'll win a month's membership to Freaky Rivet's activity club for one penny. Normally, membership is £4 a month (still ridiculously cheap). So if they do all 24, they will have 2 years' membership for 24p, instead of our full price of £96! (See why we still charge 1p in our FAQs.)

Two years' membership to a club to get them active for half the price of a bar of chocolate!

About Freaky Rivet

Freaky Rivet is a brand new fun, safe and ad-free online kids' club where they can create, do and share activities, and reward each other for activities well done. We will be launching early in the new year.

Please read our full policies, terms and conditions. But in a nutshell, your children's photos will only be visible to other members (who we can identify), and we won't share any of your identifiable details with anyone else. Note that in the Advent Activities Challenge, your children's photos and videos will not be visible to ANYONE else aside from our moderators.

If you're happy with these terms and would like to give your kids a challenge to do some free activities and win 1p membership, just register here.

FAQs (Freakily Awkward Questions)

What is Freaky Rivet

Freaky Rivet is an online club that rewards kids for doing fun activities. We're on a mission to get kids moving, creating and exploring. And doing it all in a fun and rewarding way.

These activities can be physical, creative, musical, artistic, scientific, or all kinds of things. Or even just games.

Children are able to do activities that have been created by us or by other kids. They're able to create their own activities. They will upload these as photos, videos or text instructions. They can comment on and like or not other kids' activities. And they'll get rewards for doing all of the above.

Why do you still charge 1p per month for people to join? I'd rather not give you my credit card details.

We've not made our retirement plans based on a stack of 1p a month members!

No. The reason we do this is for security for your kids. Once we have launched the club, kids will be able to see and comment on each other's activities. If there is any inappropriate content that needs us to get the authorities involved, we want to be able to trace who posted it. We hope never to use it, but we are trying to take all precautions where children are involved.

Your credit card details are handled by a regulated merchant account (same as most other website), and we don't actually store those details anywhere ourselves.

I have more than one child. Can they all join in?

Yes. Just send us an email and tell us how many you have, and we'll credit you with memberships for them all once the challenge is over.

During the contest, they can all use the same login details.

Do I have to give you my credit card details?

No. We will only need these if at the end of the challenge you decide to join. You can choose not to join, and we'll obviously not need your card details.

But then why wouldn't you join to give your kids access to an online club that motivates and rewards them for doing activities that are fun and good for them?

If you do decide to join, we'll need your credit card details at that point to process the 1p a month membership. See earlier question as to why we need the 1p!

Will I need to buy anything to do these activities?

In most cases, no. We try to use household objects as much as possible, or things you might be throwing away, or occasionally some art material. But there shouldn't be any significant outlay associated with any of the activities.

What will you do with the photos and videos that my children upload?

We will in the first case validate that they are appropriate entries to the challenge. By that, we don't mean that they're 'good enough' whatever that means, but that they are not rude and that there is a real attempt to do the activity. If they are rude in any way, we will email you to let you know, and delete the videos or photos.

At the end of the contest, we will post them to the membership site so that other children can comment on them, or toot (like) or poot (not like so much!) them. If you want us to get rid of them, you can just email us and request it, and we will do it.

If you want more detail, check out our privacy and other policies.

What happens at the end of the challenge?

The challenge ends on the 6th of January. Yes, I know. That's hardly advent. But we figured we'd give your kids enough time to do some more activities if they want to over the holiday. At that point:

  1. We will count up how many activities each child has submitted and email you to let you know how many 1p months your kids are entitled to.
  2. You can then decide whether or not you want to take up membership.
  3. The videos and photos will go into the club site, which will only be accessed by members, so that kids can start to comment and toot and poot each other's activities, unless you've asked us to get rid of them.

What happens at the end of the 1p membership period?

We're not yet sure, but we are currently planning that full membership of the club will cost a hefty £4.50 per month. Or about 15p a day. This will allow us to keep the site running, keep it safe, and keep it ad-free for paying members.

We will email you before the end of the 1p membership period to let you know when your children's membership is due to expire. We will then give you the option of either paying the membership price, or terminating the membership.

WE WILL NOT AUTOMATICALLY CONTINUE YOUR MEMBERSHIP AT THE FULL PRICE. We'll only continue your membership if you tell us you want to and complete payment details for this at the time.

I have another devilishly awkward question you haven't answered.

Showing off now?

OK, we've probably missed out a ton of awkward questions you might want to ask. Justemail us or fill out a form on the contact page and we'll get back to you.



Each day from 1st to 24th December we will be putting a new activity on this site. Your mission is to do as many of them as you can. For each activity that you finish and upload, we will give you membership to Freaky Rivet for 1p per month. Although there will be no new activities after 24th December, the site will stay open until 6th January.

How to play:

  • Come to this site every day and open the right day on our calendar. You will see the calendar once you've registered.
  • Read the instructions for the activity that you get.
  • Check any safety details in the activity, and show your parents if you need to.
  • Do the activity, and either video yourself doing it (maximum 3 minutes) or take photos (maximum 10 photos).
  • Upload the video or the photos. You can do this using the [Here's my best shot] buttons next to the activity on the right.
  • If you miss a day (say you had too much homework or dad wouldn't let you on the computer), you can always come back and do it any time later right up until January 6th. Yeah, it's a little after Christmas, and not strictly an advent calendar date, but we figure with weekends and holidays coming along you might want to catch up on some of the activities then.
  • You can upload as many shots at an activity as you like, but you will only get one month for each activity. In other words, if you really like and activity and do it 3 times, that's fantastic, but you'll still only get one month's penny membership.
  • That's it!

When the club opens in the new year, you'll get membership for 1p for each month (if your parents allow it) and all your activities will be there ready for you to see, as well as everyone else's!


  1. You must be 12 years old or younger to enter.
  2. We must have permission from your parent or the adult who is responsible for you. They can do that by registering their email on our entry page. We'll know it's them because when you join the club, you'll need to pay 1p by credit card to join, and you need to be a grown up to have a credit card. Sad, but true.
  3. Anything rude will disqualify you straight away. We won't post it up, and you won't get membership to the club. We'll also tell your parents by email.

Things you agree to by joining our game:

  • Any activities that you upload will be available on the Freaky Rivet club website for members to see once we start the club. That means that they can also start to give you toots and poots if they like the shots at activities that you've done. You'll own the videos and photos, so if you want to remove them at any stage, you can email us and ask us to do it.
  • We have a full set of terms and conditions and policies for Freaky Rivet which is long and boring, which we wrote especially for your parents. They should read those. They can find them here.


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